Do I have to be a nerd? Am I nerdy enough?
We let our attendees self-define. If you think you are, then you are. You don't need a label to enjoy the company of other smart singles.

What kind of events do you host?
We currently offer three types of events:
At Dating for Nerds, attendees get to know each other by playing board games in small groups. After 20-30 minutes of gaming, the tables will rotate, and so on throughout the evening. Parties also feature an ice breaker activity, trivia and themed drink specials.

Speed Dating for Nerds is our take on the traditional format and includes optional nerd-themed conversation prompts. The rounds are followed by a structured mingler activity where attendees can chat in larger groups and message each other through our mailbox. Includes drink specials.

Nerderati parties are special events that feature the best of local culture paired with a mixer.

Do you do post event matchmaking?
We don't do post event match making so please come prepared to make in-person connections. Our etiquette is to offer your contact info rather than asking others for theirs.

What is the age range?
As our events are held in bars, you must be 21+ to attend. Other than that, we do not set specific age ranges and we actively seek to have all demographics represented at each event.

Do you host queer events? Where?
We currently host queer events in Chicago for all LGBT singles. There's a strong sense of community, but gay men and lesbians sit at separate tables and nearly all the interaction is with your own orientation.

If you'd like us to host queer events in your city, visit our contact page.

Do I need a wingman?
While our events make a great guys' or girls' night out, they are formatted in a way that you don't need a wingman/wingwoman. The environment is friendly and low-pressure and the event hosts make sure everyone is comfortable.

How do you achieve a balanced gender ratio?
We require advance registration and payment in order to ensure an even gender distribution. While our format does not require a perfectly even ratio, we do guarantee a fair balance or your next event is on us.

Do I need a PayPal account to buy my ticket?
No. We use PayPal to process payments, but you can also use any major credit card. To do this, enter your billing information on the form for guest, press continue and then enter your credit card information.

Do I need to print my ticket?
No. After you pay, we'll put your name down on our guest list at the door.

Can I pay closer to the date?
Yes. Registration ends an hour before the event starts, however we encourage signing up earlier as events may sell out.

Do you offer refunds if I can't attend?
We don't offer refunds unless we cancel a party. If you're unable to attend, we're happy to reapply your admission to a future date if you contact us at least 24 hours before the start time of the event you purchased.

What should I wear?
Our events have no dress code, but our tip is to wear whatever you would be comfortable in to go out to dinner or drinks with friends.

When should I arrive?
Check-in begins 30 minutes prior to the event. Our format is structured so please arrive before the scheduled start time (although latecomers are still welcome). We're proud of the entertainment we put together but your fellow party goers are there to see you. Your attendance and promptness insure gender balance and facilitate group activities.

I have feedback. What's the best way to share it?
We appreciate your comments and suggestions. You can reach us through our contact page. Our hosts are available during the event to make sure you're enjoying yourself. If you have questions or concerns please let them know immediately so they can resolve it. If you're still not satisfied with your experience for any reason, your next event is on us. We love hearing compliments and success stories as well!